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    UF Innovate | Tech Licensing

    Our greatest product is greater progress

    At UF, our researchers are consistently making breakthroughs and new technologies that are creating a better world. But their biggest impact has been in establishing the unique culture found at UF. A culture of innovation where questions and connections across disciplines are encouraged. A culture that established UF Innovate | Tech Licensing and more than 160 startups and companies that are bringing millions in revenue back to Florida, seeding future innovations to come. 

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    Innovating for a greater impact
    Sentricon protects over 200 million structures including the Statue of Liberty and the White House.

    Innovating for a greater impact

    From the world’s most popular sports drink to inhibiting the spread of MRSA, Our faculty and students are making the discoveries that make the world a better place.   Here are a few examples: