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Garage Sale Haul Weekend of June 25, 2011

{Remember the Serta Sleep Set giveaway runs through July 7.} The grand total of last weekend’s shopping haul was $5.75. I bought a few old records (which dear hubs hasretro bench all but forbid me from ever buying again. He’s just not into my “Rock around the clock” clock which I can’t a photo/link for at the moment. Although if I showed his this Re-Vinyl set, maybe he’d get my upcycling ideas. Or these. And everyone is getting a record bowl for the holidays.).

At any rate, in addition to the old records in really hip sleeves, I picked up a few old comic books (filler for camp care packages-shhh) and this retro bench for our attached rear porch/three season room. I’m not sure if I’ll clean it up much beyond a good wiping with a disinfectant solution. It fits with the current mood of the porch and a porch update is not on this year’s list.

We also picked up this solid wood table, which needs a good sanding to remove the ring marks on top. I’d like to try a blue stain on it and see how that works out. If I can’t sand out the rings, perhaps a collage on top would be best.

solid wood table

Finally, like the furniture is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, this table jumped out in front of my car and begged me to take it home as I was on my way to pick up the boys from tennis camp. It came with a set of three chairs and is far from perfect, but is more than adequate for our pre-reno house. It might stick around after the reno too as we don’t have any other dining room set and I’m not sure how much will be left in the budget* once all the work is done. Or it might make for a nice basement poker or craft table.

dining room set

* Disclosure: I did indeed salvage some of these items from a neighborhood curb. How else could I get all this for under $6? No one required me to blog about them. In fact, Hubs cringes when I write stuff like this because he thinks I like to make us look poor. We are not poor and even if we were the love of my family would provide a wealth beyond material riches.

DIY with Duct Tape: Chair

I haven’t done it with duct tape, but check out the hip chair this DIYer created with a thrift store chair and black and white duct tape on the Poppytalk blog. If you’re looking for design inspiration of any type, plan on spending a few minutes poking around the site.

It certainly looks cool, but could be quite sticky on a hot day (no pun intended).

Our First Video and Serta iComfort Sleep System Giveaway

At least five of you were fans of my not-ready-for-HGTV house-hunting series with the cheeky, but not very SEO-savvy name. Turns out every time I sent my husband a video link, it couldn’t get past his company’s firewall due to its name. Also, duh, we bought a house. So series has taken a turn. Now that we’re attempting to make our outdated house into a dream home the vlog series is to be know as the Reluctant Renovator. Take a peek at our first episode and read below for details about the Serta iComfort Sleep System giveaway

In May, I had the opportunity to visit Serta headquarters and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes into a quality mattress. I also got the chance to try out a dreamy iComfort Sleep System. It’s cool and comfortable. And even though it’s a foam system, it comes with a variety of firmness levels.  So Serta has basically taken all the reasons I avoided foam mattress systems (the heat, the overwhelming squishiness) and thrown them out the door.

As I said in the video above, I have literally been dreaming of the day I receive mine. Sadly, that day is weeks months away.

With their just-in-time production methods, they don’t have one simply sitting around with my name on it, but they’ll make and send my sleep system when I’m my bedroom is ready. (I’m am partial to the Genius model, queen size, FWIW).

Even better, they are offering you one, too!

One lucky reader is going to win the icomfort Sleep System of her (his?) choice, as well. The Serta folks are sparing no expense, so if you want a king system with motion perfect adjustable base, it’s yours for the asking. And to be clear, the adjustable base is not just for the senior set, it’s pure awesome if you like to rest with your feet up, or recline and read without having to stuff a dozen pillows around to support you.

I am excited to be able to pass along such a great prize and it’s not difficult to enter.

I’m going to keep in simple:

1. (required) Comment once on this blog by 11:50 PM CST on Thursday July 7, 2011 for a basic entry. Let me know why you’d like a new mattress. Make sure I have a way to contact you!

You can also have up to five optional extra entries; I need a separate comment for each of these items, so I can count each one as an extra entry:

2. Tweet about the entry and come back to let me know you did.

3. Share the deets on Facebook and come back to let me know.

4. “Like” Reluctant Renovator on Facebook and come back to let me know.

5. Subscribe to our newsletter, Progress Notes. Starting later this summer, we’ll be sending 1-2 updates a month featuring our progress and advising you on our fabulous home product finds and giveaways. Come back to let me know.

6. Post about this on your blog with a link to this post. As always, stop back to let me know.

Fine print: Winner will be chosen by a random draw.  Winner will be notified by 11:50 PM on July 9. If winner does not respond to me by 11:50 PM CST  on July 11, the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen. The winner will be responsible for paying taxes and delivery fees on this product. Sorry, this is only open to readers in the US (including Alaska and Hawaii). Want to try one out yourself? Pop into an American Mattress store.

Disclosure: I was invited to Serta HQ and will be receiving a mattress of my own when I’m ready. I am pleased to offer one of my readers a chance to win one.

Independent from this blog giveaway, you can also enter to win an iComfort Serta System by “liking” Serta Mattress on Facebook and entering their Cooler. Better. Summer Photo Contest. It runs through through July 8th.  After liking Serta on Facebook, submit your favorite summer photo with a brief description of why the photo represents a “smarter, cooler, better” summer. Serta will choose 4 winners at the end of the contest.

Good luck!

Decorating Fail, The First of Many

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’d hung a few records on the wall to get the placemessy room looking homey, but due to the random detritus we keep bringing over, (i.e. lawn chairs instead of real furniture), it’s looking more like a crack den!

Please note, I cleaned up and re-arranged after taking this shot.

When it comes to the real thing, do you think we should work with a professional decorator interior designer? Did you?


Since I’ve yet to put together my own tribute to Ikea, The Source of all things pre-fab and inexpensive, I thought I’d post this.