Crane Drexel Post-WWII Sink for Sale

crane drexel sink

Crane Drexel sink, post-WWII

Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, the Retro Renovator call these sinks works of art. I call the Crane Drexel sink another treasure we removed from the former in-law kitchen, which is now our laundry room. Every now and again I remember to post it on CraigsList, but I haven’t marketed it very aggressively and duh, I’ve got this blog.

Are you looking for a 1950s Crane Drexel sink? Look no further!

Do you covet an old beauty like this post-WWII wall-mounted Crane Drexel sink with an integrated ceramic spout and a towel bar on each side? We’ve even got the legs!

Leave a comment or drop me a note at reluctantrenovator (at) hotmail (dot) com. Price is $225 or best offer. I’m in the Chicago area and not keen on shipping, can will do it for a fee.

crane Drexel sink

The wall-mounted Drexel has a half-moon bowl.


For a total of $226 (just one extra dollar!), I’ll toss in a vintage etch-glass mirror/recessed medicine cabinet. They make a lovely set, it’s just not the look we’re going for, not even in my old-fashioned office. The medicine cabinet comes with functional fluorescent side lights.

You may notice there are actually two mirrors in the photo below. One of the mirrors needs resilvering. I’ll throw that one in as a bonus. Note: extra shipping charges will be applied for each mirror.

vintage mirror

I know, bad pic. Nice mirror, though.


vintage mirror with lights

Last mirror standing. This is the one that needs resilvering.

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  1. Selfish Mom
    September 25, 2012 | 9:29 am

    OMG, I wish I were closer – I would totally take it!