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Crane Drexel Post-WWII Sink for Sale

crane drexel sink

Crane Drexel sink, post-WWII

Designed by Henry Dreyfuss, the Retro Renovator call these sinks works of art. I call the Crane Drexel sink another treasure we removed from the former in-law kitchen, which is now our laundry room. Every now and again I remember to post it on CraigsList, but I haven’t marketed it very aggressively and duh, I’ve got this blog.

Are you looking for a 1950s Crane Drexel sink? Look no further!

Do you covet an old beauty like this post-WWII wall-mounted Crane Drexel sink with an integrated ceramic spout and a towel bar on each side? We’ve even got the legs!

Leave a comment or drop me a note at reluctantrenovator (at) hotmail (dot) com. Price is $225 or best offer. I’m in the Chicago area and not keen on shipping, can will do it for a fee.

crane Drexel sink

The wall-mounted Drexel has a half-moon bowl.


For a total of $226 (just one extra dollar!), I’ll toss in a vintage etch-glass mirror/recessed medicine cabinet. They make a lovely set, it’s just not the look we’re going for, not even in my old-fashioned office. The medicine cabinet comes with functional fluorescent side lights.

You may notice there are actually two mirrors in the photo below. One of the mirrors needs resilvering. I’ll throw that one in as a bonus. Note: extra shipping charges will be applied for each mirror.

vintage mirror

I know, bad pic. Nice mirror, though.


vintage mirror with lights

Last mirror standing. This is the one that needs resilvering.

Kenmore Intuition 28014 Canister Vacuum Review

Kenmore Canister VacuumI was offered a chance to review a Kenmore vacuum cleaner and after a bit of research decided to try my first canister vacuum. Consumer Reports liked the Kenmore Intution 28014, I thought I might, too. We also have a flight of 14 stairs that’s easier to vacuum with a canister than a traditional upright. We also have hardwood or tile floors throughout the house and will be adding rugs eventually. The Intuition is well-suited to go from one surface to the other with ease.It also comes with pet-hair removal tools, whould I lose my sense and agree to the dog that everyone else in the house seems to want.

Given the shiny blue exterior and high tech look, I convinced my husband to give it a try. And after he vacuumed up I made him write a review. Score!

It’s probably cliché to review a vacuum cleaner by saying it sucks, but Kenmore’s Intuition really does. I haven’t used a canister vacuum since the 1970s. Owning one disappointed me because, with the stand-up version my mother had gotten rid of, I could pretend it was a microphone and perform my Elvis impersonation.

With the full brush head for carpets.

The Intuition not only picks up dirt and dust far better than I recall from the Gerald Ford era and anticipates our house full of hardwood floors, but comes with features that, while intuitive in some cases, certainly improve the vacuuming experience.
My wife, the blogstress, is nearly a foot shorter than me, and the Intuition comes with an easy-to-adjust telescoping extension wand. The two nozzles that come into contact with the floor nest into each other and snap easily into place. Well labeled foot pedals help identify how to take the wand out of the nozzle assembly, so you can attach accessories and go at harder-to-reach spots.

Attachments like brushes and crevice-getter-atters snap into pre-defined spaces in the body of the motor unit

With the smaller head for hard surfaces.

(which Kim calls “Scooter”). Not that you can’t lose them, but it’s just a little bit harder. The spring-loaded extension cord winds up at the press of a foot pedal and the buttons to turn the unit on and off and change from carpeted to hardwood floors are near your fingertips so that you don’t have to crouch down to do anything. A lit-up display explains what mode you’re in and how much sucking it is doing.

The canister body itself has a built-in handle and can be moved upright or lower to the ground. The unit is much lighter than I remember canisters being when I was 10 years old. Is it because of more plastic or because I’m bigger? Who knows?

In any case, the vacuum does a great job, especially on our stairs, which have always been difficult to clean. Hand vacs never have the power to do a decent job and uprights are difficult to manipulate on stairs. The Intuition with its extendable wand and extra-long hose have made it easy to safely and completely vacuum every part of the stairs. And because it’s light and compact enough, carrying it up and down the stairs is not at all a hassle and it consumes a modest amount of closet space.

This was the vacuum cleaner we’ve been waiting for to tackle our hardwood floors and stairs. We look forward to many years of keeping the house clean with it.

One-touch controls in the handle.

We were provided with this vacuum for cleaning and review purposes. The vacuum retails for roughly $450 and is available at Sears and through online retailers.