The Blog is Fixed!

But my bathrooms are still out of commission. I laughed when I read about my friend Melisa’s bathroom renovation over at Suburban Scrawl. Granted, it didn’t take us as long as it took her to start the reno (11 years for her, just under 11 months for me), but we’ll see who finishes first. We’ve been encountering delays every step of the way.

At this point, we’ve got the tub surrounds and floors tiled, but we’re still waiting on plumbing trim that we ordered back in June. Although our plumber wanted to finish the job in one fell swoop, he may be amenable to getting the toilets and sinks installed and coming back to finish the showers. I can’t wait to have a main floor toilet again. Not only for my own use (my office adjacent to the loo), but so we can have guests over, without having them use the master bath.

Pictures (and parties!) soon. We’re almost there!

One Response to The Blog is Fixed!
  1. Melisa Wells
    July 30, 2012 | 3:39 pm

    OOH! A race!!

    (Sadly for me, I bet you’ll win…)