Bathroom Updates- Insulation

bathroom wall with insulationHere we are, just weeks away from me trying to get ourselves booked on one of HGTV’s DIY rescue shows, but the end is finally in site. That doesn’t mean we’re on the finishing touches. Rather, it means I can imagine us almost being at that point. The two bathrooms might actually be done by mid-August.

We’ve got walls up with a base coat paint and the tile installer is coming tomorrow to waterproof the tub surrounds and possibly prep the floors.

But this is what the main floor bath has looked like for, oh, the last 3-4 weeks.

This wall will soon be supporting a wall-mounted vanity and sink. Those two circles near the top will be lights and there will be a lovely surface mounted medicine cabinet between them. The blue stuff is denim insulation made from recycled blue jeans.

The yellow stuff on the exterior-facing wall below is spray foam that we had to pay pros to install because we couldn’t get the required insulation value in on our own due to the depth of the studs. And when I say required, yes there was an inspection.


bathroom wall with insulation


I’m sure the rooms are going to be quite lovely when they are done, but I can’t wait for them to be done. If nothing else, I look forward to using a toilet without having to head up 14 stairs, where the temperature is about 5 degrees warmer than it is on the main floor of the house, which we tend to keep at a toasty 79 degrees.

By the way, I recently mentioned in passing that DH had been laid off and I’m happy to report that gave him much-needed time to work on the bathrooms. He started his new job yesterday!


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