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Introducing: The Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail Award from Reluctant RenovatorI shared the Reluctant Renovator’s first Golden Hammer a few weeks ago. It’s an award recognizing exceptional service, design or innovation. But every yin must have its yang and here it is: The Rusty Nail.

As one might expect, this award is something of a scarlet letter. It’s given for lack of customer service, shoddy products or poor workmanship. Bonus: it comes with free tetanus and lockjaw!

I’m careful about criticizing businesses, especially small ones, online, so I don’t award these lightly, but I’m going to pass them out as I see fit.

The first one goes to Lowes Home Improvement because they caved to a hate group last fall and pulled their advertising for TLC’s All-American Muslim show.

I haven’t shopped there since.

Hubs went on one final Lowes spree, however, because we had a store credit and when I suggested we pass it along to the local Muslim Community Center and let them spend it, he gave me a look and suggested I get a real job.



I’m Not Wearing Pants at the Moment

True, I’m not wearing pants. It’s my way of letting the world know that our window blinds were installed yesterday! Finally, I can lounge around the house in my skivvies without putting on a peep show for my neighbors. The sidewalk in front of our house sees a fair amount of traffic- parents with strollers, dog walkers, bikers, and joggers–including the boys’ cross country team from a nearby high school.

We installed vertical blinds in the upstairs bedrooms and a different types of cellular shades on the main floor. We chose the top-down/bottom-up style to allow the greatest amount of natural light into the rooms while still providing enough privacy to prance around naked inside the house.

Pics and video soon!

To clarify, we do not actually prance around or even sit at our desks naked and if we did, I would not put it on YouTube. I will post pics or videos of our blinds, though.

You’re welcome.

Since some of you are bound to ask, we bought the blinds from a Big Box store and paid them to do the measuring and the install. In all, we covered 16 windows, so the flat fee the store charged for measuring and installing turned out to be a pretty good deal. And now we don’t have to devote any of our weekend time to covering the windows, which is good because we’re on something like week 7 of bathroom demo. *DIY sigh*