Oh, The Huge Vanity!

kohler loure faucetI know, I know. I haven’t even finished showing you our luxurious master bathroom before I started talking about demolishing another one. I don’t yet have a vision for the new bathrooms, but I’ll find plenty of inspiration at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show next week. Our master bath is pretty inspiring, too, but I suspect we’ll go a bit lower key with the two other bathrooms.

Our master is very cool and modern without being over the top. The room incorporates many of 2012’s top bathroom trends- heated floor, deluxe shower experience, bench in the shower, layered lighting, a bathroom fan with a timer, and sleek fixtures.

Our modern faucet is part of Kohler’s Loure line, which you also saw in our shower.

It’s paired with a custom vanity top from (wait for it) Crafty Beaver. We got a great price and thoughtful service and I wish we’d thought to get a quote from them on our kitchen cabinets. The top features a wave bowl from Bertch and the cabinet itself is an off-the-shelf piece from the Big Box. It looks nice, but it’s a poor quality piece, something we didn’t realize until it was too late to return.

As you can (kinda) see in the photo below, rather than a typical round spray of water from the tap, the Loure faucet releases a unique flow in which you can see two streams cross in V-shape at the top and then twist and turn as they hit the sink. The fact that the Teen and I are fascinated by this might indicate undiagnosed Asperger’s or something, but it really is interesting and calming to watch.

kohler loure faucet in action

That said, I do try to save water by not running the faucet while I brush my teeth. Gotta focus on those pearly whites! And the Teen is stuck brushing his teeth in here, anyway.


kohler Loure faucet handle

Perhaps because DH and I don’t share a morning rush, we didn’t see the need for two sinks. Instead, we opted for one and a make-up area for the lady of the house.


master bath vanity makeup desk

Our bathroom paint provided by Benjamin Moore. The color, Smoked Oyster (2109-40), alternates between beige, mauve and purple, depending upon the light.

Speaking of tricks of light, I mentioned that I couldn’t get a good shot of the entire vanity given the natural light, the light fixtures and copious amounts of mirror and glass in the room. Here’s my proof. (Also, I apparently didn’t straighten up the vanity before I shot. I swear it looks nicer in person. BTW, the toilet is behind me.)

master bath vanity


We received a discount from Kohler on our fixtures. All opinions, blog posts, videos and cleaning services are my own.

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  1. emily @ the happy home
    April 18, 2012 | 1:29 pm

    very, very well done with the pun in that title! also: i LOVE the handles! so cool!