Not How the Pioneer Woman Cooks

cast iron pan on a grillYeah, that’s me hunched over a small charcoal-fueled kettle grill cooking up some meat in my Lodge cast iron pan directly above a flame produced by leftover wood from our rehab because I couldn’t get the coals to burn the way (I think) they are supposed to.

This is what happens when my kids ask how I will grill without a “real” grill.

I taught them good lessons about improvising, the versatility of cast iron pans and dangerous ways a person can, but probably shouldn’t, use lighter fluid.

Dinner consisted of Krazy Kebabs (i.e. the veggies and meat were mixed up rather than cooked and presented served on a boring old skewer) (side note: where are my metal skewers?), braised mustard greens, roasted asparagus and greek-style pita. I served our little feast picnic style, on a blanket laid on the driveway.


dinner on a picnic blanket

This is called keeping it real, people. Go ahead and pin this. I dare you.

Just because this early spring that feels like summer is so uncharacteristic of Chicago weather patterns and therefore is a bit disturbing doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Indeed, we had a lovely dinner.

I cleaned up most of our dinner, but I left my mess of a cast iron pan outside. DH later brought it in and scrubbed the whole thing, including its very charred bottom in my lovely Silgranit sink. Upon seeing the black mess he left behind, I went ballistic feared that perhaps he’d managed to destroy the indestructible sink. But a squirt of dish soap, a sprinkle of baking soda and some of my special brand of elbow grease got it looking like new again.

This weekend I’d like to buy a grill. Nothing too fancy. We need a propane grill for now, but hopefully, we’ll get a natural gas grill once we decide what we’re doing in the backyard in terms of a patio/porch/deck. We should have that figured out by, oh, 2015 or so. Any recommendations?

2 Responses to Not How the Pioneer Woman Cooks
  1. Condo Blues
    March 27, 2012 | 8:28 pm

    I have a Chargrill propane grill. It’s great and survived a harsh winter on our patio. We have a small one given our small family and the size of our patio.

  2. kim/reluctant renovator
    March 28, 2012 | 7:40 am

    Thanks, I’ll look into that brand. I love to grill, so I’m hoping for something that can cook at least a full family meal (meats + veggies), but I may scale down for the grill of my dreams down the line. Why does everyone seem to think men do all the grilling?