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The One That Got Away

The one that was left behind.

When you’re doing a renovation, especially on a house in which you’re not currently residing, people, usually workers, but occasionally angry neighbors whose trash did not get picked up because your plumber’s truck was blocking their garbage cans, come and go as they please. In fact, the only people who even bothered ringing the door bell during the last few months were the Jehovah’s Witnesses who stopped by to chat.


With all the traffic, all the workers: HVAC guys, plumbers, electricians, drywallers, painters, floor guys, tile guys, trim guys, window guys, roofers and five other categories that I’ve already forgotten, our house has been a busy and hectic place.

And I’m not the type of person who wins awards for her high level of organization in the best of times.

So it’s not surprising that a few items might have gotten misplaced during the course of the Plan A Reno. Some things, though, seem to have walked away. Not that any of the guys would have taken my bottle of Dawn dish soap.

Or maybe they would have.

It’s not that I think we have a kleptomaniac in our midst. More likely, someone accidentally took this or that when it was laid down next to their stuff. But even more puzzling than the missing dishwashing detergent or extension cord is our missing shop-vac.

Because even though our shop-vac went missing, somebody left one in its place. Frankly, I’d be just as happy with a yellow one as our old orange one, but our attachments don’t fit.

We didn’t notice the swap out until about 10 weeks into the reno at which point it was impossible to even know who to call about the potential mix-up. We’ll just have to call our trust old orange friend the one that got away.

Have you had anything walk away, get swapped out or truly stolen during a home repair?

The Four Seasons in Denver Has Got Nothin’ on Me (Well, Maybe One Thing)

Things are shaping up in the master bath and all over the house, really. There is so much to catch up with on the blog, but I can offer this bit of eye candy for the time being. Remember the luxe bathroom from the Four Seasons Denver? No?

Here’s a quick glimpse.

bathroom sink with cubbie

And a glimpse of our bathroom, as captured by my cell phone because I’m still living in the 20th century and it’s a pain to transfer over and resize my photos from my camera, but I realize I’m going to have to start because the quality of the phone shots is disappointing. See?


master bathroom painted with Benjamin Moore Smoked Oyster

We have a cubbie with a recessed mirror, just like the Four Seasons. We also have a sleek modern sink and faucet (placed on a cheap, off-the-big-box shelf vanity that is probably most regretful purchase of this whole process).

The paint color, which looks admittedly “blah” in this picture is Benjamin Moore Smoked Oyster. I promise it looks lovely in person. It’s kind of a mauvey-beige that goes nicely with our tile. Late one sunny afternoon, it actually looked purple! Not kind of sort of purple, but purple. Apparently the magical walls of my house bring out the blue tones in all the paint we put up. More about that later.

I’ll be back with more pictures or video of the master bath. Our luxe shower is spa-mazing!

The master bath is going to be a wonderful little getaway (two doors between us and the kids, as DH likes to remind me), but there is one big difference between our master bath and a 5-star hotel: maid service.

Just for fun, here’s what this same spot looked like in June. The vanity area is in the far left part of the closet.


bathroom before renovation


Disclosure: Benjamin Moore provided paint for this room.

Something Looked Different

This morning my 13-year-old got shuffled groggily into the kitchen (my parents’ kitchen) looking just a bit different. Longer. Leaner.

“Go back to your doorway,” I commanded him. It’s where we’ve been drawing marks on the paint to track his height. We just measured him what? two or three days ago. No change.

But last night? He grew about 1.5 cm!

When my boys were little I created a special plate for each of them at one of those paint-your-own ceramics places. I’d drag them out for birthdays and other special events.

I wish I knew where his special plate was packed away. We have so much to celebrate.