I Got the Renovator Blues- Now with Video!

I am exhausted. I had no idea that given the number of workmen in and out of our house, I would be so tired and achy. This might be due in part to the fact that I stopped taking one of my arthritis meds prior to my surgery and it’s finally catching up with me. Or maybe it was the midnight shopping spree after Thanksgiving dinner (a supposedly fun thing I will never do again).  Or perhaps it was the days of nonstop fun with my kids, nieces and nephew over the holiday break. At any rate, I made a video last week but never managed to post it here. See below for even more updates!

We expected a few slow days around the house after Thanksgiving, but it’s been anything but. The tile guy that was supposed to show up this week decided to start the job early. (OMG, tile guys; I could write an entire blog about the many guys we had out to quote us–another thing that was keeping me busy in recent weeks.) And the floor guy showed up to lay down new hardwood in the bare spots.

Today the trim guy replaced our old kitchen door and trimmed several windows. The tile guy (his helper, really) laid out the kitchen floor, the drywall guy came to patch a few spots and…

(drumroll, please)

Our kitchen cabinets arrived!

There was a bit of drama when it appeared the corner unit would not fit through our front (and largest) door, but the issue turned out to be the large box, not the cabinet itself. That said, I’m not thrilled to have that piece unprotected while there’s a lot going on and a lot of workers coming and going around it.

I’ll be back soon with tales of paint colors! And tile (installed) that might not actually match our cabinets (uninstalled, but not returnable)! Stay tuned for this and more!

2 Responses to I Got the Renovator Blues- Now with Video!
  1. GenaMazzeo
    November 29, 2011 | 4:51 am

    What happened to the box for the corner cabinet? Can you squeeze it into the house and make an effort to protect/wrap the cabinet while it’s sitting there? Or go grab an old blanket and wrap it up with that. At least keep it clean and somewhat protected. 🙂

    • kim/reluctant renovator
      November 29, 2011 | 7:14 am

      Great minds think alike, Gena. I covered it with a sheet yesterday and early this morning I sent hubs over with a blanket to wrap around the unit. Hopefully it will be installed by week’s end, if not next Monday. {fingers crossed}