There’s a 36-inch Hole in my Heart

oven plus stove that we soldReally, the hole is in my kitchen counter where the stove used to be. We sold the range that came with the house and we haven’t even started the gut job yet. Go Team Moldofsky! Like the St. Charles vintage metal cabinets (for which I might have a buyer), the Tappan range looks like it was top of the line for its time and remained in pretty good shape for its age. The wide, circa 1982 cream and black unit had four gas burners and a griddle in the middle. Everything old is new again- the griddle in the middle concept is all the rage right now. In fact, our new stove top will sport one. Not because I want one, but because that’s the new thang. I didn’t really have a choice.

And the industrial look?

I’m not a fan.

But that’s also still a thang.

At any rate, I totally pulled a Tom Sawyer because instead of breaking my back to haul that monster out of the house with DH, I got some other folks to do it and pay me a few bucks in the process. Score!

Yes, the unit worked although it was a bit tricky to turn off the oven. I sold it cheap.

Also, I might be responsible for the Chicago area’s newest meth lab.

Just kidding!

But really, don’t you meet interesting folks from Craigslist?

In the process of clearing out our old place, we found a Chicago-area couple (his and her architects as I recall) with a fondness for all things Braun. I think we sold items I didn’t even want to part with (*cough* Braun immersion blender that was a wedding gift *cough*) just so we’d get to hang out with them for a few minutes. Again.

Also, the money was good. I mean, if we didn’t bring in money from selling all our stuff, how could we afford to replace it all?

I’m an American, don’t mess with my logic.

I’ll be back in a few days to share the new appliances we’re planning to purchase. If you see any duds, please warn me.

empty space where our stove used to be

What is this? 30 years of dirt or more?


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