My Date with Ty Pennington: Mission Complete

Ty Pennington and the Reluctant RenovatorOh, but my date with Ty at the Craftsman Experience was hot.

As in, “Let’s rip off our shirts” kind of hot.

As in, “It’s 90 degrees with 150% ┬áhumidity and I’m sweating buckets can we please turn up the air conditioner” kind of hot. The kind of hot that makes a gal question why the hell she’s wearing heavy leather work boots.

I’m not the sweet delicate flower whose perspiration results in an light sheen on her face. No, I sweat. Which is okay when I’m inside a 120-degree closet removing stubborn bits of old hardware, but meeting a celebrity? Gah.

Enough about me, what about the interview? Take a look at this eye candy I filmed on the Motorola Xoom I’m playing around with thanks to Verizon Wireless’s Midwest Moms program.

Crap. I am the biggest moron ever. Design Spaz is not just a quirky moniker, it’s a way of life. Last weekend I was recording stop-action films of my boys using the cool built-in feature* on the Xoom. We had so much fun. But I never reset the video camera!

{Flash to scene in Poltergeist in which the dad screams, “They never moved the bodies!”}

Quick Summary- Ty was in town to help celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Craftsman Experience. He is as gregarious and warm in real life as he is on his show. He greeted me with a big, friendly hug and when I asked him to greet me again on camera saying, “What’s in your tool belt, Kim?” he did it without blinking an eye. But alas, that moment only lives on in my imagination.

I asked Ty about finding design inspiration and he talked about using underutilized spaces and incorporating some existing elements of our house. That was a nice lead in for me to ask about using the 15 years of National Geographic Magazines that came with the house on a project I saw featured in his book, Good Design can Change Your Life. He used thousands of old TV Guides to create chairs and tables for a youth center and I wondering if I can do something like that with my huge pile of magazines. If I take on the project, I’ll share the secrets here.

Mission Accomplished!

And then, as promised, I delivered 12 pages of comments from the Reluctant Renovator Facebook page asking Ty to consider the Mayhew Family for an extreme home makeover.

Kim Moldofsky delivers a message to Ty Pennington

Ty promised me he would get those notes to the right person, the person who has the power to schedule in the Mayhew’s family for a makeover in Ty’s hometown, the power to change their lives.

And then I asked Ty to sign my shoes, which he gamely did, as you can see in the video.

And before I left, I asked Ty if he had any questions for me. (Vanity, thy name is blogger.) He asked about my tool belt, but I lacked a witty answer because by this time my wet hair was plastered to my sweaty forehead and my glasses had nearly slid down off my nose and all I could think about was running into a meat locker to cool down.

I eventually found a cool spot near a fan (the kind that circulates air, not the kind that drools over Ty) and had a fun evening with Lisa (who shares her perspective on the night) and Kris.

3 Bloggers at ty pennington

*The Xoom literally only captures a brief shot every second (or up to ten seconds depending on the setting), so I can’t simply find a way to slow it down and make the video work in real time. It’s a great feature when used correctly.

Disclosure: Verizon Wireless has provided me with a Motorola Xoom and a data plan and then set me loose to play around and test out the device, sharing experiences and feedback as I see fit. I was a guest of of the Craftsman PR team at this event.

5 Responses to My Date with Ty Pennington: Mission Complete
  1. tracey - justanothermommy
    September 4, 2011 | 9:46 am

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? That is the video?!? Oh, Kim!! Oh man. That sucks! But is soooo typically You. Am shaking my head and laughing right now…

  2. megryansmom
    September 5, 2011 | 9:35 am

    Gah! I signed the shoes that Ty signed. We touched the same space in different time-spaces! Gahhh! I’m star struck!

  3. Robyn Wright of
    September 6, 2011 | 6:50 pm

    ROFL – I love that you did it in stop-animation! That’s too funny and sounds like something I would have done by accident too!

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