Garage Sale Haul Weekend of September 10, 2011

shopping haul from garage saleThere weren’t a whole lot of garage sales taking place in the heat of the summer, but things seems to be picking up and last weekend I picked up a lot of things. It’s a joy to find items from our to-buy list, like lawn sprinkles and a fire pit, and get them on the cheap. But I acquired a few questionable items as well.

I now own quite a bit of fencing for next year’s garden, a small table that also makes a convenient chair or large step stool (handy when you are five feet small), and two new games. Anti-Monopoly II because according to the box it’s “totally different” than Anti-Monopoly I and for a single dollar figured I could afford to learn more about the game and Probe. Shah! It’s a word game. Am I the only one who played it as a child? That said, all I can remember about it is that I played it as a child.

I wished I’d taken a “before” picture of the fire pit because it was a rusty mess when we picked it up. But after a few hours of elbow grease and a fresh coat of high-temperature resistant spray paint, it’s looking pretty fine.

We also welcomed this salvage bit into our home. A small remnant of granite will top off the cabinet and it will be fabulous for…something.

cabinet picked from salvage pile

The grand total of this week’s haul?

Wait for it…


You get any good deals lately?


One Response to Garage Sale Haul Weekend of September 10, 2011
    September 12, 2011 | 3:23 pm

    Never thought about that, the I want to buy list. i have to create one. Last sale I went to the seller had two gumball machines that were new, but she didn’t want to bargain. i think she repacked it for next year. That’s a good suggestion for garage sale hunters to make a list of things that they are looking for. Good tip. We will share it with out followers on Twitter!