Design Spaz World Premiere!

My foray into vlogging, video blogging, began with my not-ready for HGTV house-hunting series, Property Sluts (you know, like the show Property Virgins, but we’re experienced, yo) and now I’m pleased to announce my latest oevre, Design Spaz. For me, every design decision is a challenge. And one of the great things about our meeting with Evelyn, the design coordinator provided by Benjamin Moore Paints- the official paint sponsor of Casa de Renovation*, was the affirmation that our situation would be challenging for most people because we are starting from scratch.

For example, we could choose paint to match the kitchen counter, but we haven’t chosen a counter top yet.

Our paint could really highlight the subtle colors in our bedspread–if we had one.

It’s all so “chicken and egg” to me. We can’t make one decision until we’ve made another decision, but which design decision do we make first?

In the video, Evelyn talks to us about using color to highlight accessories in the room. Typically, this Design Spaz goes for the neutral palette, leaving the accessories to stand out and speak for themselves. Evelyn is challenging us to Go Bold with our walls.

She used examples from catalogs to come up with a bolder set of colors and explained that the reason the backgrounds in say, furniture catalogs, are so bland is because they want the furniture to stand out. They are selling furniture, not wall paint. D’uh, so obvious, right? But I’d never really thought about that.

And speaking of selling, the walls in our old home were boring, because we never felt certain it was our “forever” home. We kept things bland and neutral. This, people, is our coffin house (as in, that’s how we plan to leave it), so we’re determined to have fun and make it our own–except that we’re going to let you vote on our colors.

Evelyn left us with a bit of homework:

1) Choose our counter tops (which we’ve sort of done; we know they will be Corian or a Corian-like solid surface, likely a fairly neutral sandy color).

2) Find a comforter, so we can talk about the bedroom. (It might be worth mentioning that several of our bedrooms walls haven’t even been built yet, but that’s another story.) We hit up high-end stores like Kohls, Bed, Bath and Beyond**, and Target. As DH and I pondered our options, Evelyn’s design advice was running through my mind. I guess it was obvious because at one point, DH looked at one of my selections and said, “That doesn’t seem like our style. Are you trying to impress the designer?” Busted! In the end, I purchased three comforters that we like (or DH finds acceptable) and we’ll run them by Evelyn, taking her advice before making our final choice.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting. It was so informative to meet with a person who sees our space in a way that we do not. Can not. She got us thinking about the ways the rooms blend together, views from one room to another and so much more. It was great.

BTW, at my upcoming real-life event with Benjamin Moore Paints, one lucky guest will win a free color consultation from the brand. If you’re one of my local peeps, but haven’t received the invite, drop me a note. You’re all welcome to join in!

* Benjamin Moore Paints will be providing paint and painting advice to us on our journey to painted walls. All opinions are my own.

** Did you know this blog was almost called “Bed, Bath and Way Beyond”? I own the url, but was afraid of getting a cease and desist notice from BBB’s legal team, so I stuck with Reluctant Renovator.

5 Responses to Design Spaz World Premiere!
  1. Kelly
    August 24, 2011 | 9:01 pm

    Love the video. I think color is one of those things that’s either easy for you, or you need help. I’m definitely in the second camp we always have to repaint after the first time. Love the BBB name! Too bad you’re probably right. Darn trademarks. 😉

  2. Rebecca
    August 24, 2011 | 9:06 pm

    Wow. That is completely backwards for how I work. I am drawn to color first and the other stuff later. Though I do like to think in terms of palettes.
    We are loving the Benjamin Moore paper white in the living room with all wood details and doors in decorator white. It’s so pretty and changes throughout the day – sometimes more gray, sometimes more blue. It’s one of the best neutrals I’ve ever used. And the french lilac in my girls’ room is to die for but I don’t think your boys would go for that!!

  3. Carolyn (temysmom)
    August 26, 2011 | 11:38 am

    I love this. I used to do all the color consultation for a very large painting company here in Los Angeles. It always amazes me how much people are afraid of choosing colors.

  4. Jendi
    August 26, 2011 | 10:18 pm

    I already know that I want colorful walls in our new house. I have done many paint techniques [faux painting] and love them! I have no problem with colorful walls; I run into problems with the furniture. 🙂

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