BlogHer Bound!

Renovator Kim with her toolbeltThe rumors are true! After giving away tickets to Type-A Parent and the EVO conference dues to housing related stresses, I decided I would attend BlogHer as a trade-off. If you want to meet up there, tweet me @RenovatorKim.

Thanks to Verizon Wireless and their #MidwestMoms program, I’m bringing my new Motorola Xoom Tablet (with Verizon Wireless service, natch). Bonus: in a setting like BlogHer where the wifi will certainly be overwhelmed (3,000 highly wired attendees, yo), I will be able to create my own wifi hotspot that I can share with a few friends. Score!

Disclosure: Verizon Wireless is providing with with a Xoom, and later a 4G phone, along with data and phone service for six months. I will not be posting reviews as much as sharing how this products fit into my life as a digital mom. Guess what? After my term ends, I will be giving one of these products away to a lucky reader!

I received the Xoom, less than 24 hours before leaving for BlogHer, so I’ve got a bit of a learning curve, but I’m leaving my laptop behind, and really, if there’s a place to get computer advice I can understand, it’s BlogHer.

I love how the Xoom fits into my toolbelt, literally! Look for me on Friday, August 5, when I’ll look something like that woman in the picture. Who looks a little bit like that woman in the RR logo. Coincidence?

Also, I’d love your help decorating my shoes. You’ll see what I mean on Friday.

Want to know more about attending BlogHer? Check out my advice.

Want to know more about Verizon? Stop by their booth in the BlogHer exhibit hall.

4 Responses to BlogHer Bound!
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