A S’more Room in the House? Yes!

snoring room

This is not actually the antechamber, but it's a convenient photo. That area you see will be an upstairs laundry room by the year's end.

I was excited when Hubs sent me an article about including a “Smore Room” in our house; an entire room dedicated to roasting marshmallows and marrying them with chocolate and graham crackers. Yes!

Except that my eyes were playing tricks on me. The article was about a “Snore Room.” Snoooooze.

Apparently there’s a new trend to have an extra bedroom off or near the main one, so that couples who keep very different schedules or have a trouble with one member snoring exceptionally loudly thereby keeping the other partner awake, can still manage a peaceful night’s sleep. Go to bed together, but wake up alone.

Wait, does that sound like college?

At any rate, given that we are essentially plucking down a 42-square-foot walk-in closet in the middle of our bedroom, we’re creating one of these trendy spaces by default. Instead of sticking a couple of chairs (that will likely go unused) into what we’re referring to as our antechamber, it might make more sense to furnish it with a futon or something that could serve as a comfy resting place for hubs when I’m sick. (Of course, when he’s sick, he’ll be banished to the antechamber, LOL.)

Practical as this new spot might be, a s’more room would still be more fun. Which concept do you like best?


4 Responses to A S’more Room in the House? Yes!
  1. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy
    August 9, 2011 | 11:38 am

    i totally chose a smores room. our snore room is the couch

  2. megryansmom
    August 9, 2011 | 2:27 pm

    I’m totally for the smore room! My husband doesn’t snore anymore thanks to a cpap machine

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