New Uses for Old Doors

Behold our kitchen door. I think we had one quite like it in the house where I grew up.old kitchen door Even without the curtain and covered by a fresh stain or new coat of paint, I sense it will look out of place in our soon-to-be updated kitchen. More importantly, the glass panels near the top shake just a little too much for my comfort and I don’t think they are made from tempered glass, meaning we could be in for a nasty accident when someone slams the door a bit too hard, whether innocently or in anger.

Just a few feet away from this egress, there’s a lovely pocket door that is similarly doomed. The pocket door divides the kitchen from the dining room, but as is the modern way, we’re knocking down the wall that divides the two rooms. Which means the pocket door will be pocketless.

We haven’t figured out a way to re-use these doors. Make that I haven’t found a way; DH is less concerned. We don’t have any other door needs to be filled, but there could be a brilliant creative use out there for these items- like as tables or headboards or…something.

So I got excited when I saw @EllieFunt tweet about a corner shelf made out of an old door that she posted on Pinterest. Pinterest is like a series of virtual bulletin boards you create on topics of interest (books, food, design, fashion, etc.) and share with your friends. You (virtually) pin interesting things. Get it?

I’m @KimMoldofsky there, but I’ve yet to figure out the intricacies of the space. It’s just fun to look at pretty, cool things. Drop me a note if you’re on Pinterest and would like to be able to pin things on my Crowdsource Kitchen or Crowdsource Bath boards. (Clearly, I need help. Right now the only item pinned in the kitchen space is actually a bathroom item. Ugh.)

At any rate, Ellie’s pin inspired me to dig a bit further until I found entire websites devoted to repurposing old doors. So I will save doors (cabinets and anything else I can up to the point of nearly causing DH a nervous breakdown) and hopefully find uses for them in the coming decade year and then I will turn the remainder over to the local salvage joint or Freecycle.

Do you have any inspired uses for my old doors?

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