Basement Workshop: The original mancave

basement workshopNearly every mid-century house we looked at had a substantial basement workshop. The original mancave.  Picture all of the walls in the photo on the right walls lined with racks and shelves of old yet well-organized tools- rugged, worn wooden and metal tools. That’s how it appeared when we first toured the house.

Tony, the former owner, the man who literally built our house, must have put in many hours there. Oh, but we hope to build and destroy and  tinker to our heart’s content in the basement workshop!

The reality is, though, that this dark, dank basement space is completely uninviting. Creepy, even.

And after removing some wall damage  in order to fix crack in the foundation, it looks even worse, especially given that I’ve been acquiring handy items during my shopping hauls and filled up the workbench without organizing it.

Also, both the plumber and the electrician will be messing it up even further in the coming week or two, as the former digs a sump pit near the workbench and the latter installs a new panel.


At any rate, the workshop currently looks something like this:

workshop with wall damage

Let’s hope this is not so much an “after” shot as merely an interim photo.

Let’s hope we get to building and making things before the end of the year.

3 Responses to Basement Workshop: The original mancave
  1. Erin @ One Project at a Time
    July 28, 2011 | 9:24 am

    Are you guys living in the house right now, or are you renovating first? Looks like you have a long list, I can’t wait to see what you do.

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