A Visit from my Crack Dealer

exposing the foundation crack

BEFORE the crack is on the left, near the cut-off stud

On Saturday, the crack dealer, oops, crack sealer, stopped by to work his magic. We thought the foundation crack resulted from a bolt screwed into the foundation wall circa 1980 when the previous owner built a closet. However, I was told it was more likely a stress crack related to the I-beam that supports the house. Apparently, this happens quite often.

And guess what? When you have a I-beam related foundation crack on one wall, you likely have another crack on the foundation wall near the opposite end of the I-beam.

Sure ’nuff we do have another crack opposite the one we found , but right now it’s not causing any leakage. We do need to keep our eyes on it, though, and maybe set aside some money because although the ” closet crack” was fixed for just a few hundred dollars*, the other job will likely cost more than $1,000 to fix when the time comes.

The Before is on the right. What does it look like now? Uh, not exactly a thing of beauty, but it’s fixed, as you will see below. And we get to check one more item off of our very long renovation list.

sealed foundation crack

*Bonus: we saved a few bucks on the crack sealing due to our Angie’s List membership.


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  2. Kristina
    July 22, 2011 | 12:20 pm

    I love your headline.

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