Garage Sale Haul: Weekend of June 11

Garage Sale ItemsThis past weekend my mom and DH joined in the garage sale fun. Only they told me that they weren’t in it for the fun, but to keep me from buying needless crap. Wha?!

Even so, I managed to nab an extruder tool for Sculpey, my younger son’s favorite crafting medium. He made adorable American and British soldiers for his social studies teacher for an end of the year gift and then continued on a Sculpey bender making a set of figures for himself–Black Ops Sculpey. O-M-G. Had I not born and raised him, I’d wonder a whole lot about that child. At any rate, the Sculpey tool was brand-new and only cost us $1.

Our entire haul cost about $10.00. It consisted of:

  • a coiled garden hose (we will ultimately need 3-4 of these)
  • a retro Smurf mini-chalkboard (hey, the movie is coming out soon)
  • 5 99-year-old Edison records (I don’t think we can play them, but they are cool artifacts and can be repurposed
  • a Scribbage game (part Scrabble, part cribbage)
  • an unused popcorn popper with a twirly mechanism
  • disposable cups (handy for when we have guests)
  • a retro a t-shirt from my boys’ school (FWIW, they think it’s lame)
  • a large planter for our container garden
  • a small table,not pictured, aboutĀ  2×3 feet, good enough for now; fun to paint later
  • a set of five four tiki torches (one of them was rusted through to the point of leaking)
    tiki torch 

    record player and records

I hung the heavy Edison records on the wall where there were already hooks, just above the 1960s console record player that the owners left behind for us. I’m trying to make it look like home…at least until we start the renovations.*

Bonus: On what was supposed to be an early morning fitness walk on garbage day, I nabbed another garden hose (works great) and two sawhorses, which will be handy for a makeshift table and building projects.

PerhapsĀ  I should explain that in our area, people set things out near, but not in their garbage, as sort of a “take me home” gesture. I’m not actually digging through anyone’s trash.


4 Responses to Garage Sale Haul: Weekend of June 11
  1. Michelle
    June 13, 2011 | 10:55 pm

    *snicker* I haven’t done garage sales in a LONG time, but I really need to have one. And they are fun to shop IF people have decent stuff. Lots of crap to pick through. And here? We have TRUCKS go through the night before garbage that pick up the “good” stuff that is set NEAR the garbage. Normal people generally don’t even have a shot at it, but yep – we do it here, too!

  2. Shari
    June 14, 2011 | 4:24 pm

    It’s good that you’ve already figured out how the neighborhood works — in part at least. In our neighborhood, people leave stuff on the curb any time they want to get rid of it. If it’s still there on garbage day, it’s gone.

  3. megryansmom
    June 14, 2011 | 9:51 pm

    It finally stopped raining long enough for me to hit my first garage sales of the year this past weekend. So much awesome stuff and so cheap! I got an almost new George Foreman grill for $2!

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